swiss cheese model

we are all just floating branes in space, it is quantum relativity
do not act so silly, there is pattern in it all

the space between between our tangled selves, 2022


string cheese principal in motion, sewn through artificial intelligence, 2022
string cheese principal, 2022
string cheese principal through machine learning, 2022
string cheese principal cut the chord, 2022
liminal personification, 2022
light entanglements, 2022

[notes: return to machine learning sketches later. right now they are just sketches]

strings, strung, strong, 2022

prototyping; version one

sketchy proto type;

[[note: all over the place without cohesion]]

prototyping; version two plus felted radio

[note: get out of that rectangle, girl!]

[note: get out of that rectangle!]

[notes: separate felting & projection mapping; keep doing more of both. 5-8min panoramic projection is goal (animation over three projections) & then think of sound. ]

prototyping; panoramic sketch & a separation of ideas commencing

[[note: it’s good to let the felted radio stay in that insta post for now]]

midterm documentation of digital projection

[[notes: working towards 5 minute loop plus audio. adding the scent orange plus embellished swiss cheese.]]

iteration four; at the five min panoramic animation w/ temped original audio
plus needle felted swiss cheese & felted armor piece

project statement

documented in space:

[[next step: make more felted wearables to put on dancers & felted pieces to put into installed space. keep resolving the animation. get in contact with the music composing school for audio; temp a better audio with more breath~~ take away the birds now and again, etc.. maybe make a performance of eating the swiss cheese, we will see.]]

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