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I am an interrelated media artist that likes to explore the affections and implications of mediation, living in Bloomington, IN at the moment.

artist statement

Materializing is a way of dematerializing constrictions of communicating with language. The text that I use to create with are in collaboration with the leaking meshwork of the information age. What is public, what is private? What is permanent or temporal? What is digital, what is embodied and where does one’s agency and sense of security navigate these spaces? I see these correspondences as a way of stretching the attention I have to my inclinations (1). For me, a person with a chronic pain disorder, trying to express myself with the written and spoken word can at times cause more suffering, as my thoughts and feelings directly affect my physical wellbeing. The translations of affection into other modes of visual abstraction gives a stage to a voice of mine that I don’t always give attention to without the restrictions that I feel are commonplace when we attempt to communicate the human condition through archetypal and idealized language.

The most intense framework for me is within the content. The content is in the medium. Whatever method of making you use materializes information differently (2). My materiality and form are in an ambiguously entangled relationship when making in correspondence with the work that I have already made and will potentially make.

(1) Art of Research Conference, dir. 2018. Tim Ingold. The Art of Paying Attention.

(2)  Marshall McLuhan – The Medium Is The Massage.Pdf (PDFy Mirror). 2014.

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