for full effects: sniff pumpkin while viewing


I am a transdisciplinary new media artist working in visual semiotics. [does this make me a neosymbolist without a rejection the abstract? lmk.]

philosophy & artist statement

The death of the author–the disconnect of the signified to the signifier–leaves a never ending stream of laborers [readers, viewers, makers, words, ]. This conflict of exertion must be resolved by an upswing to loosen attachment to suffering from this ambiguous absurdity.

My work continues the practice of divergent focus. I believe there is a chance for play in associations within exploring the liminal space that tandems all modes of communication. Playfully exuberant exploration can be made on how rhetoric, mythos & media impacts the singular individual & the multiples. The foundation of my practice is enriched in the vein of post structural thought.

I think balance can be met when we can learn how to healthily appreciate all of our senses, and I make for bodily awareness. My work’s intent is to create a level of trust with the viewer, showing my own vulnerabilities; this may provide a safe space to find comfort within the unknown & to appreciate what is present. My work shares that we can find excitement in the mundane.

I incorporate spoken stories, found music, scent, and experimental audio that are in conversation to the visual text and imagery. I ask my viewers to read their environments through a lens of wonder in the context of a nonlinear and non-concrete storyline. When the work is static and solely visual, my intent is to stretch the sensory perception of language; there is aesthetic synesthesia rooted within the practice.

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