for full effects: sniff pumpkin while viewing


I am an artist, designer, and play performer working in visual semiotics.

philosophy & artist statement

The death of the author leaves a never ending stream of laborers. This conflict of exertion must be resolved by an upswing to loosen attachment to suffering.

My work continues the practice of divergent focus. I believe there is a chance for play in associations within new media, especially when antiquated tech is not metaphorically, and literally, thrown out of the design equation. The foundation of my practice is enriched in the vein of post structuralist thought. I think balance can be met when we can learn how to healthily appreciate all of our senses, and I make for a bodily awareness. My work’s intent is to create a level of trust with the viewer; this may provide a safe space to find comfort within the unknown & to appreciate what is present. My work shares that we can find excitement and play in the mundane. I incorporate spoken stories, music, scent, and experimental audio that are in conversation to the visual text and imagery. I ask my viewers to read their environments through a lens of wonder in the context of a nonlinear and non-concrete storyline. When the work is static and solely visual, my intent is to stretch the sensory perception of language; there is aesthetic synesthesia rooted within the practice.