ongoing research

abstracting language
words create environments,
visuals tell stories
reality is abstract
what came first? the
egg or the hen?

visual storytelling

wobbling lines
friends, there are no friends, but here is some 🙂


the line of storytelling through time, presently & through a line

making space for play within language

take a chess piece for a word
would each unit change in value
if a bird?
we do not question the flight
of the wing
asking only to sing
songs of our people
stories wishing to communicate
& not limit the limitless
yet here is another game of chess



mirror writings to explore the malleability of written word

what am i doing & why am i doing it?

my work & research focuses on the liminal space within communication:

through time (how stories & lores, mythology, etc. mutate and move with us),

between people (interpersonal interpretation & misinterpretation via spoken, written and body language via connotative association, etc.),

throughout sociopolitical systems (overspecialization creates restrictive vocabularies at times, with the need to work with domain driven communications),

or within oneself (sensory perceptions + observational experience, as well as how affected one is to the scopes of thinking listed above).

{keystone: SIMONE de BEAUVOIR’S ethics of AMBIGUITY of existence]