hypermedia reflections;

shakey stability, double mirrors, monster arrays & wordscapes forked:

instabile reflection to the full screen

monster arrays the fullscreen

wordscape forked fullscreen

video documentation will come next:

a statement, lastly:

Star Wars me into understanding the high performance culture. We live in order to nonperform as performers as we choose to be as artists I guess. This may be a way to cope with the absurd meaninglessness of life.

… .. & that is innately empathetic because we all feel this pressure  that is the impacts of miscommunication as well as the structural consequences of attachments to finite meaning.

We all wish to be heard— that is why miscommunication hurts so bad.

I guess that leads me to talk about why I have chosen to write all of this stream of consciousness right now within a really packed bar in Bloomington Indiana. It starts the conversation on how we reflect on our identities. 

I like to work in bed when stretching medium. But I wanted to be in a public space when trying to reflect on myself within the digital space. For the act vulnerably allows others to view me while i Look down to write, thus reflecting the blindness that comes to each person who posts something to who is actually reading and interpreting said work… only this situation does not allow the other humans around me to read what I am saying… which keeps a boundary up that I choose to sacrifice whenever i post something to social media. 

It has become difficult to look people in the eye, but still we expect a likemind. And I wonder why?

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