exhaustion of media, exuberantly

varying media between 2D & 3D

as mcluhan writes, the medium is the massage. here is an exploration of media in all its glory & limitations.

example one:

example two:

feedback received:

the pyramid was questioned in regard to occultus associations. there was a desire to see these at a sculpturally larger scale, what would it feel like to walk into these maquettes, if you will? when the red light is on, these sketches become objects and there was another suggestion that the work is calling for world building. the curly brackets being used outside of the rules of grammar personifies the elements by allowing for a change of meaning to common signifiers.

there was also this relationship forming that these explorations can be seen as an alphabet as my use of the language being built within my other works. 

“metaphysical… does form function what is building what?” 

successful stand alone, but how do the materials interact together? what would wire with mirror look like? how can this all cross pollinate? 

archaic symbols to the ways of being

reflection on the critique:

it was interesting to hear the associations to the work, as well as the interpretations of relationships between each piece. Everything is nonlinearly connected & having a chance to listen to the conversation that each piece brought out within each person in the room helped me learn how to better talk with each piece myself, if that makes sense.

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