common sense?

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  • thesis statement
  • different way different day; 2020-2021 process ebook
  • trailer
  • logo animation
  • look playfully experimental video
  • c the sound; fall 2020 process ebook
  • unscented candles; AR experience
  • scented stickers
  • peppermint braille
  • rhizomic pathways VR experience
  • other readings

come on, scents.

2020-2021 BFA thesis statement:

For the betterment of value to innovation, one should emphasize and equate empathetic design to design thinking. The way I will explore this is by mixing emerging & ‘outdated’ technologies, playing with nonlinear narrative structure, semiotics & the perceptible awareness of all six senses in order to expand visual communication.

different way different day; 2020-2021 process ebook

2020-2021 ebook showing research and process of thesis. click the three circles in the corner to view in full screen : )


digital stop motion, collaged with footage on top of photography and watercolor, :38 video.
common sense trailer mockup

logo animation

digital stop motion animation, :10 video.

look playfully

experimental use of a motion graphics & the exploration of the connection between hearing and seeing.

2:25 video

look playfully, mockup & film stills.

c the sound; fall 2020 process book

2020 ebook showing research and progress of BFA thesis with a statement of intent to further the project. click the three circles in the corner to view in full screen : )

unscented candles; AR experience

“Perhaps the Doors, Curtains, Surface Pictures, Panes of Glass, etc. are metaphors of despair, prompted by the dilemma that our sense of sight causes us to apprehend things, but at the same time restricts and partly precludes our apprehension of reality.” – gerhard richter

digitally embellished gerhard richter candles placed in space, any space playing fun with words & asking what is real?

video documentation of augmented reality experience.

film still of ar documentation + qr code to access ar experience. adobe aero is compatible with: iphone 8 plus & later. ipad and ipad mini 5th generation & later.

scented stickers

description of experience:
any human who receives a sticker has the chance to embellish with plum and cherry scented ink utilizing a glass quill.

peppermint braille

letterpress polymer embossment + peppermint essential oil infused cards.

rhizomic pathways vr experience

VR sculpt sketch (inspired by Hilma af Klint’s Adulthood No.6), 2021.

In the same breadth of the Dali Museum’s VR experience to BDH’s Magritte Immersion, I wished to try my own hand at reinvigorating the innovative artist Hilma af Klint, whom created a language we are just becoming exposed to.

1:10 video

7:41 video

sketch, 3D sculpt stills & VR film stills.

download .obj file to upload to your oculus headset in order to view VR experience here.

other readings

Ellen Lupton & Andrea Lipps’s The Senses: Design Beyond Vision [free ebook download]

Guggenheim’s written documentation of their exhibition, Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future

Kate Gromova’s Plenty of Fish in the Academy: On Marshall McLuhan’s Prose as an Anti-Environment

Robert M. Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values

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