a vision tunneled by a neo symbolic lens…

[[still from animation]]

This is a research project on symbolism and its ties to theosophy and affection. I reflect on the intersection of art movements through time. My reflection is in the form of an automatic writing exercise & visual exploration. In today’s post-globalized world, my visual analysis focuses on the contemporary and feminine.

research paper

automatic writing exercise turned fictitious journal:

symbolism research presentation

visual explorations:

what happens to time when space wedges, 18x24in digital painting, 2021.
a self that is guided by perversity, 18x24in digital painting, 2021.
but what about the elephants?
a trace of the multiform implacable nightmare, 18x24in digital painting, 2021.
dreaming balloons reflect & felted, 9x11in digital painting, 2022.

uncertain of neo symbolic tendencies, other than that of uncertainty:

because i saw you next tuesday, am i an object?, 8.5x11in ink drawing, 2021.
mind floats & youth boats, 18x24in digital painting, 2021.

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